4 MCU Projects We Never See On Our Screens, According to Reddit

4 MCU Projects We Never See On Our Screens, According to Reddit

Fans think that some of the announced Marvel projects may be cancelled. Maybe that’s a good thing after all?

Disney has made some questionable decisions with Marvel projects. The worst of them all is announcing projects (mostly TV shows on Disney Plus) that no one seems to need. Good examples are Echo and Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Now, with Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent statement about Disney’s future plans, fans are even more worried. “We are focused on improving the quality of our movies and getting better at economics — not only reducing the number of titles we release, but also our cost per title,” said Iger.

This leaves many fans wondering which of the announced and rumored projects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is most likely to be scrapped. Fans shared their candidacy on Reddit.


This project has actually been announced, but some fans believe it may still be just a plan. The idea of each character having their own character is becoming a joke among the fan community.

Some fans think this project could be incorporated into a sequel rather than a show or indie film.


Blade’s MCU reintroduction has been eagerly awaited. The movie The Blade starring Mahershala Ali is slated to come out in 2025. However, some Redditors feel that it could be re-evaluated and possibly shelved.

The horror branch with Blade, Moon Knight and similar characters is an attractive prospect, but its future looks uncertain.


Despite hints that have been dropped since the first Guardians movie and rumors that Marvel is planning a project on the character, Nova’s standalone project is still in the works. Some rumors (which were recently dispelled by an insider) have even suggested that Supernatural star Jensen Ackles will play Nova.

Some believe that a TV show or movie about Nova could be seen as too similar to Captain Marvel, causing it to be excluded.


Young Avengers

With the introduction of many young characters in the MCU, fans have been speculating about a Young Avengers project. However, there is no official information on this yet and this lineup may be shelved.

These are just fan speculations. Some of these projects weren’t even announced in the first place. Speaking of confirmed movies and TV shows, it’s unlikely that Disney will simply remove them.

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