7 lackluster endings that eventually bury good movies

7 lackluster endings that eventually bury good movies

Even iconic movies can be undermined by unsatisfying and meaningless endings.

A well-groomed movie can captivate an audience with its storytelling, but it can also ruin things in the final minutes. Here are the top 7 disappointing endings that leave viewers with a sour taste in their mouths.

7. We (2019)

While much of Jordan Peele’s second film is good and even scary, the plot remains unsettling and unclear. However, the ending is still its worst part, as the unnecessary presentation of the ending explaining the origin of Tethered is a failed experiment, undermining the excellence of the film it is built on. during its nearly three-hour run.

6. Werewolf (2013)

The Wolverine remains one of the most controversial films in the X-Men franchise to this day. While the film is made for the most part, the climax introduces an element of confusion when the villain Ichirō Yashida is seen wearing a robotic Silver Samurai suit.

This change in comic style conflicts with the film’s otherwise sober and serious tone, leaving viewers divided over the overall impact of the film.

5. Mercury (2019)

A sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, the film is directed by the excellent M. Night Shyamalan, just like its predecessors. Bringing together the same beloved characters from both films, exploring their superhuman abilities and psychological struggles, and pitting them against each other is a long-awaited and satisfying storyline.

However, things go downhill when the same characters receive completely horrible and completely useless endings.

4.Titanic (1997)

Even a legendary masterpiece like the Titanic can have a disappointing ending. Aside from the infamous door scene, the most uncomfortable moment occurred when Rose today threw her Heart of the Ocean necklace into the sea.

Nothing to offend Rose, but it’s a very odd thing that she kept that necklace to herself for so many years. This scene should have been cut so as not to lose our sympathy for this woman.

3. Prometheus (2012)

Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien series has some strengths, especially when it comes to exploring unexpected themes for a creature feature. However, the film’s ending, which was altered during the rewrite, resulted in a complex and unsatisfying ending that disappointed audiences and affected its sequel, Alien: Covenant, according to wrong way.


2. Lucy (2014)

Luc Besson’s sci-fi film starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman has a tight plot and beautiful storylines until the ending takes a strange turn. The last part of the movie, in which Lucy literally turns into a USB flash drive and leaves all her knowledge behind, feels out of place with the rest of the movie.

1. I Am a Legend (2007)

The post-apocalyptic drama starring Will Smith and based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name effectively builds suspense but leaves audiences disappointed at the end. By sticking to a false ending and launching an alternate ending as a supplement, the film’s epilogue fails to achieve the impact of the original novel.

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