Jensen Ackles Almost Played Deadpool, But He's Glad He Didn't

Jensen Ackles Almost Played Deadpool, But He’s Glad He Didn’t

The Deadpool we know and love could have been a lot different if things had turned out differently.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a scenario where the fourth wall-breaking character Deadpool isn’t played by Ryan Reynolds. However, it turns out that Jensen Ackles, best known for her roles in The Boys and Supernatural, was already running for the iconic role.

During an appearance at SPN PHX J2, Ackles shared that he was in a lot of talks about a certain movie — which he later confirmed to be Deadpool. However, due to his commitment to Supernatural, he was unavailable.

“The train almost stops there,” he commented.

But that’s not all regrets and what-ifs. Ackles humorously mentioned that it was probably for the best, alluding to the possible awkwardness of working with his ex-girlfriend on the Deadpool project.

The actor is referring to Morena Baccarin, who plays Vanessa Carlysle, Wade Wilson’s glamorous fiancée.

While Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool in 2016 received widespread acclaim, one can’t help but wonder how Ackles would approach the character. Does he have the same wit and charm? Or perhaps a different taste of humor? 

We’ll never know for sure, but Ackles seems pleased with how things are going. He even joked that he could have “troubled a lot of people” if he had been a part of it.

Despite missing out on Deadpool, Ackles is no stranger to the superhero genre. He voices Batman in animated movies, and fans are constantly begging DC to make him come alive.

And of course, he was absolutely amazing as the Soldier Boy in Amazon’s The Boys, a character he describes as “Captain America on his *ss.” This makes sense, since Soldier Boy, like most of The Boys’ characters, is a parody. In this cast, a parody of Marvel’s Captain America.

Interestingly, it was rumored that Ackles had auditioned for the role of Captain America. However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor dispelled these rumors by saying, “Did I audition for Captain America? No, I didn’t.”

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