Saw X A major change that could jeopardize the franchise's success

Saw X: A major change that could jeopardize the franchise’s success

Preserving John Kramer’s true nature is key to his freedom.

Known for their gruesome and intricate pitfalls, tricky puzzles, and iconic Jigsaw/John Kramer puppets, James Wan’s Saw series has been a staple of the horror genre ever since debuted in 2004. With nine seasons released to date, the series has built a dedicated fan base and has earned its place in the history of the horror genre.

However, with the tenth installment already in the works, one has to pay a lot of attention to the direction the series is going, as this one major change in Saw X could risk ruining the success of the entire franchise. price of 1 billion USD.

John Kramer, aka the Jigsaw Killer, is the central character in the Saw series, known for his sophisticated, ethical death traps. His character, played by Tobin Bell, is defined by his philosophy that individuals should appreciate life and atone for their sins.

Although his teaching methods are gruesome and life-threatening, Jigsaw has become one of the most beloved fan-favorites.

The original Saw revealed John Kramer’s twisted motives due to his terminal illness, leading to a series in which his apprentice continued his gruesome work. However, despite attempts at a lighthearted reboot with Spiral 2021, the franchise has struggled without John Kramer’s presence.

In Saw X, which is considered the middle part of seasons one and two, John is finally back. He undergoes a medical procedure in Mexico, which turns out to be an outright scam and leads him to kidnap scammers for his games.

While Jigsaw is a complicated horror character with his own motives, his victims in Saw are at best morally ambiguous, and let’s face it – they never deserved the end. his own in such terrible ways.

From an inverted bear trap to a laser necklace, Kramer’s unhealthy desire to punish people in the craziest ways is just too terrible.

That’s why his being a defender of justice in Saw X may not be the best direction for the franchise, as it has the potential to change the nature of the character and the whole thing. story. 

John Kramer may have his reasons for all this madness, but he was certainly never a rebel hero out of touch with his lifestyle.

While Tobin Bell and his character have been missed, especially in the previous few seasons, and die-hard fans are sure to love Saw X with a sense of nostalgia, what matters is the movie. doesn’t distort Jigsaw’s villainous legacy by possibly leading to many films that misinterpret his arc.

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