The secret to handling ruffled sweaters elastics and hoodies at home 1

The secret to handling ruffled sweaters, elastics, and hoodies at home

Did you know, not only sweaters, but T-shirts, hoodies, and nightshirts also “know” to ruffle your hair! This ruffled state will make the t-shirt look old and ugly. But do not rush to throw them away, because Cleanipedia will tell you to fix this ruffled shirt situation right here!

T-shirts, sweaters, nightshirts and even hoodies,… are very prone to ruffles and will make your shirt look old. The treatment is very easy with just a few tips in the steps below!

You will need:

  • tape
  • small tooth comb
  • iron
  • razor
  • Comfort fabric softener
  • Sweater
  • T-shirt
  • hoodie

Ways to deal with ruffled shirts on sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies

Use a small tooth comb

The combs with small and thick teeth not only help you smoothen your hair, but now it is also a useful tool to extinguish your ruffled T-shirt. The method is not difficult, but you need to handle it very gently and slowly so as not to ruffle your beloved T-shirt.

The secret to handling ruffled sweaters elastics and hoodies at home 1
The secret to handling ruffled sweaters elastics and hoodies at home 1

You just need to use a comb to slowly brush along the length of the shirt and you can immediately remove the ruffles of the shirt. If you rub too quickly, the ruffled hairs will clump and continue to pull more hairs. This only makes your t-shirt more ruffled and forever unable to regain its original beauty

Refresh ruffled shirt with adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is a material that is easy to buy at the store or found in your closet. Adhesive tape will help you remove the ruffled hair from the shirt simply and easily. Compared to spending a large amount of money to buy a new shirt, this way of renewing a ruffled shirt helps you save a lot without worrying about the clothes being old and inferior.

You can do this by applying a piece of tape to the ruffled area of ​​your shirt and quickly peeling it off. You should repeat this action until the shirt is free of cotton balls, then stop. However, not all types of adhesive tape are suitable for this job. If regular tape is used, it can carry even a portion of the thin fabric on the shirt and cause the shirt to continue to ruffle. You should choose a type of paper tape to ensure that the shirt is not damaged during the process.

Use an iron

Usually, we still use irons to flatten clothes. Besides, you can also use them to help ruffled clothes return to the way they were before. Using an iron with a suitable temperature will make the shirt unruffled easily.

The secret to handling ruffled sweaters elastics and hoodies at home 2
The secret to handling ruffled sweaters elastics and hoodies at home 2

A small note when doing this is that you need to prioritize the inside of the shirt to limit the color of the shirt. However, if your t-shirt is light in color, you can completely iron the outside of it.

Use a razor blade to blow away the ruffled hair

Compared to the above methods, using a razor is more effective but also carries a higher risk because it is easy to accidentally tear your shirt. The important thing when applying this method is that you have to do it very slowly to avoid the shirt from tearing and looking worse than it was at first.

The method is very simple, you just need to use the familiar razor to immediately remove the ruffled shirt area quickly. With a ruffled shirt, you need to wash the shirt and dry it afterwards. After the shirt is dry, you leave it on a flat surface, stretch the shirt with one hand, and use a razor to scrape the ruffled area in turn.

Use fabric softener to avoid ruffles

In addition to the above ways, to limit the surface ruffled shirt, when washing T-shirts, you should wash your clothes gently and use a gentle scrub brush to clean the stains on your hands and collar. To make natural soft fabrics, you will definitely need fabric softener.

Comfort Natural Fragrance is the perfect choice when it comes to softening fabric, keeping clothes creases, easy to iron, and stabilizing fabric structure like the original. In particular, Comfort Natural Perfume Fragrance has a fragrant scent from natural floral scents to help clothes always give off a long-lasting scent that will help your clothes stay in the best condition.

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