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WWE Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair vs. Asuka

Asuka quickly knocked down both Flair and Belair’s knees using the rope. When she returned to the ring and attempted to perform a hip attack, Flair caught her and hit her with a smack in the back and sent the champion out of the ring. After a brief exchange between Flair and Belair, the former went out into the ring to focus on Asuka. Belair used a high-flying maneuver to knock down the remaining two women. Asuka hit Flair with a German fluster, sending her out of the ring and the champion’s attention turning to Belair. Flair recovered and rejoined the match via an overhead wire. Flair shoved Belair and Asuka into the corner with confusion before hitting a splash and doubling Natural Selection. Flair then made a combo peg but couldn’t guarantee victory.

Asuka will force Belair out of the ring for a short time, but WWE’s EST will return spectacularly, hitting a combo turtleneck and DDT on Flair and Asuka. Belair’s momentum will be blocked when she does a double standing moonsault but both Flair and Asuka fall to their knees. Asuka was able to trap Flair in the Asuka Lock before Belair successfully landed the standing moon hit this time to break the restraint. Belair goes to the top rope before Asuka knocks her out and then Flair does the same to the champion. Flair then performed her patented moon jump rope. Flair defeated Belair, but Asuka was able to kick Flair shortly after. Asuka brought Flair back to the ring and landed a DDT on the rope, looking for a peg. Belair, now recovered, has parted ways.

After attempting the Kiss of Death from Belair to Asuka unsuccessfully, Belair attempted to finish Flair, but was counterattacked. Belair confused Flair before Asuka arrived to take advantage and pin Flair herself. In a quick commotion, Belair hit a sit-down, twisted power bomb at Flair, and Asuka attempted to subdue Belair. Flair pinned both women and nearly fell. Flair won a double peg again after hitting a moonsault. Belair was kicked out and clumsily landed on the steel steps, sustaining a leg injury multiple times during the match.

With Belair incapacitated, Asuka landed on Flair and the two women confronted each other in the middle of the ring. Flair lands a spear on a near-fall and she locks Asuka in Figure 8. Belair runs back to the ring, hobbles, and hits Flair with a 450, but Flair will kick out before three o’clock. Flair and Belair will trade before Flair is finally locked in Figure Eight. Asuka returned to the battle and hit Flair with the mist. Belair, still in a state of submission, defeated Asuka to win.

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As Belair celebrates, Iyo Sky’s music plays and she runs into the ring with Bayley. Sky cashed out with her Money in the Bank briefcase when Belair was injured and with Bayley’s help hit a moonsault and pinned Belair to become the new WWE Women’s Champion.

WWE Undisputed Universal Championship: Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns and Uso spent the early part of the match circling the ring, with the champion demonstrating the advantage of his size and strength to win two hits to the collar and elbow. The hot Detroit crowd immediately alternated chanting “Let’s go Roman” and “Roman sucks.”

Uso gained momentum after a slow, methodical start from Reigns. After resisting an attempt at embarrassment, Uso hit Reigns with multiple punches and responded to their relative, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a saliva-soaked slap. Uso would force Reigns out of the ring and hit him with a suicide plunge before sending the Tribe Leader onto the steel steps. As Uso cleared the table, Paul Heyman distracted his opponent, allowing Reigns to regain the upper hand once again.

Reigns slowed the action again, hitting Uso with a steering kick and scoring a near miss. Uso will land with a ladder enziguri but his momentum will be short-lived as he takes another suicide dive but encounters a kendo stick from Reigns. Once again, any offense by Uso increased, Reigns immediately counterattacked and overpowered his cousin.

As Reigns prepared for a finishing blow to Superman Punch, Uso countered and used his sword stick to hit Reigns, knocking him to the floor and knocking down a giant sentry over the top rope. Back in the ring, Uso performed a cross but Reigns counterattacked with Superman Punch. Reigns was about to charge but Uso counterattacked, landing with a superkick and a frog, all of which resulted in a near-fall. Uso brought a steel chair into the match and used it twice on Reigns before throwing some more chairs into the ring. Uso prepares for Reigns to do a tumble in the chair, but on the second attempt, Reigns counterattacks with a power bomb and a near-fall.

Reigns, once again with the advantage, set up a table of his own inside the ring. Uso tried to turn the tide but after a punch exchange with Reigns would quickly be defeated. Uso quickly recovered and was able to perform a Samoan Drop to Reigns through the table he had set up outside the ring earlier in the match. As Reigns crawled away, Uso swatted the staggered champion with a leather strap. Reigns tried to escape through the crowd, but Uso chased him.

As Uso prepares to land another devastating Samoan Drop on Reigns, Uso’s brother and Reigns companion Solo Sikoa intervenes to take Uso down. Sikoa used Spinning Solo to get Uso across the table before pulling him back into the ring. Sikoa will hit Uso with his finishing blow once more inside the ring as he and Reigns lunge at their beaten family member. When the two set up the combined spear and spearhead of Samoan, Uso counterattacked, forcing Reigns to spear Sikoa. A spear from Uso to Reigns resulted in a near fall.

Uso, again armed with a steel chair, alternates blows at Sikoa and Reigns before slamming the Tribal Leader, forcing him to roll out of the ring. When Uso did another chair hit, Sikoa hit him with a super kick to save Reigns again. When Reigns and Sikoa argued about the previous incident, Uso stabbed Reigns over the fence. Sikoa turns his frustration on to Uso and manages to get him past the bulletin board. Uso reversed, landing with a super and then a goal against Sikoa.

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The action quickly returns to the ring, with Uso dropping a spear and knocking Reigns up and seemingly poised to win before the masked Jimmy Uso appears and breaks the peg. Jimmy Uso kicked his super twin brother and sent him back into the ring for Reigns to crash through the table and pin to win.

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